Thursday, April 29, 2010

Levi sighting

Several pix from my morning ride today.
Ah, Spring, it really is grand. I'm sure all cyclists can relate. Longer days and milder temps.
Last week Susan took me on a route she had recently been introduced to, lots of wildflowers and interesting new views. Sorry, no camera that day, but it was bird day. Hawks, bluebirds,goldfinches and some tri-coiored woodpecker all made themselves known. Lots of Redwinged Blackbirds in their usual marshy habitat. Susan said we'd see them, I think they were looking for her.
On my Monday ride we had a Levi sighting. It was the first time I had seen him on the roads. He lives here in Santa Rosa. He was heading the other way, so we let him go on his way. We all brainstormed on were he was headed. I little last minute leg work before flying to NM for the Tour of the Gila, which started today. George Hincapie rode into town Sunday, on a 114 mile charity ride from Davis Ca. This ride drew 800 riders to follow the stage to Santa Rosa in the Amgen Tour of CA. Future references here will be simpy ATOC as I'm typing challenged and take certain liberties. Georges new team affiliation. BMC, tho' Swiss owned is US registered and based here in Santa Rosa. Look for details of the race day finish some time soon. The big day is May 17.
Keep the wheels turning, 'til later

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Susan and I like to visit wineries (surpised, aren't you?) and its hard to take time to drive around, but we do take time to ride bikes around. While we out riding recently, we decided to stop at one a good ways up north in Sonoma County. We have frequented many tasting rooms here in cycling attire and never feel out of place! People are used to seeing cyclists, really! Anyway, the tasting room guy and a taster were taking about the Salmon out back in the river. This area has many rivers that take the Salmon upstream, way upsteam from the ocean to spawn. Check it out if you are interested They even had little fish printed, cardboard frame sunglasses to help the vision. We were told it was just out back. Well, we started out removing our cleats and gingerly begin what turned out to be a painful stocking footed 25 yard limp down to the river edge. Nice day, no fish. I took my socks off and waded in a ways. Wow a first!- my barefeet in CA mud and riverwater. Back up at the tasting room. We were told the recent rain left the water too muddy to see the fish. Boy did I feel like I was sent on a snipe hunt! We continued the rest of our ride, 20 some miles laughing about our new experience. Spring has really sprung, you guys in NC seem to have jumped ahead temp wise for a while. Lots of new flowering plants here, and some familiar, I have seen a few Dogwoods, lots of Wisteria, but no Azaleas. Grapes are burting out new growth, at various stages depending on varietal and exposure. Pix follow.

That's all for now, I hope your wheels are seeing pavement