Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Road Kill

Huh, The Possum became road kill or road rash at least. Amazing! When was the last time Lance "caught a pedal"? And did I read the 5km (or 8 whatever) chase with two teammates wore him out! I can think of many solo breakaways that last longer than that. At least we haven't had to deal with drug busts and such. I hope that continues. Too much happened in the first week for me to write about for now. So much to go what!? about. How about the weak Astana Team everyone wrote about? Who is that David Navarro who pounded the peloton to pieces for Contador two days in a row. Lately I have competed in some short track mountain bike races. One more tonight. I did a 89 mile ride with a 2.5 mile, steep climb and some headwinds later. It went pretty successful. Weather here is..... ya'll in NC don't want to know, sorry. I would love to see Levi do something courageous -besides finishing, that is courageous I know - He has two Euskatel riders that can knock him out of a possible third on GC. In the Pyrenees they will have throngs of orange wearing fans. Go Levi. I am amazed at the speeds these guys do. The chases before the end of sprint stages last for maybe an hour. At 30 miles per hour! I don't care what kind of draft you have that is killer. Think about what it feels like when you have to close a small gap at 23 or 25 mph. I hope your riding is going well. HH