Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Home again

I was back in North Carolina several weeks ago. Haven't been there since I left two years ago. The visit really cemented the differences in cycling between my old home and my new one. I couldn't believe the great pavement in NC seeing miles of smooth, unpatched asphalt left me longing for my bike. The weather was great, warm even. But where were the cyclists? It became a counting game. I travelled on four counties roads, non interstate and counted eight riders, only eight riders in six days. Back home in Sonoma County I saw double that within two hours. On our crumby,lumpy, patched, cracked up pavement. I did get in some southern delicacies, namely fried oysters, fried foods aren't big in CA - especially oysters. We did a genuine pig-pickin ( whole hog BBQ ) also some southern fried chicken and SWEET tea that I didn't have to make myself. Nice. Cyclocross finally. I haven't been able to travel to regional races, but last Saturday the race came to me. I haven't had much real specific prep, so it was going to be a revelation of what my modest prep and my years of experience can come up with. All of last years races where soppy mudfests, this race was sunny but the course was mostly gluey mud from rain two days prior. Ten guys took the line in my 55+ class. I raced mid pack as is my norm so I was pretty happy to be where I left off. I did give up a place that I had to take back in the last lap. All told a very satisfying race day. 5th place in a field of tough old guys! Two weeks 'til next race. Thanks for reading.