Monday, October 5, 2009

View from the Top

OK I got it done. If you followed my posts leading up to this past weekends Levi's King Ridge Gran Fondo, you know I was having some anxiety about the event, that is this pictured climb in particular. I didn't realize until late that we were not going CW like I have gone in the past. This shot is less than two miles from the ocean. Going down it is steep. Well it was tough, but going up it didn't seem as steep as coming down. Max. grade I saw was 15%. This is the famed Coleman Valley Road. Once over this steep part I knew I was fine and put down a hard effort the remaining 30 miles. We even had a mile+ of gravel park path. My cyclocross readers can be proud I road everyone off my wheel pulling 18 mph down this stretch. Many of you will be surprised to know I am inspired by the event to do the 100 mile version next year. It contains King Ridge Road which is longer and climbs higher before dropping down to the ocean, then does Coleman Valley. We'll see if this was just an endorphin induced ambition. 3500 riders and it was a very safe feeling start. I was surprised, I think the fact that we started in a long narrow chute kept everyone from packing up. Then we had about five miles of wide flat roads to get in our rhythm. Stay tuned. We had a local cyclocross clinic start last week, I'm looking forward to the next one on Tuesday eve. About a dozen people showed up including a few newbies. Roll on HH

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