Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's on it's way

Spring must be coming. I know y'all back in NC are expecting snow this weekend, but days are getting longer. Its doing wonders for my frame of mind. After last weekends long ride, I even shrugged off all of January's mental burdens and rode to work and back home- 7:00 pm. On the morning trip it was dreary weather wise. Damp and low clouds. But I saw a Robin near the roadside. In Michigan where I grew up that was a sign of springs approach. I left work in the full dark, but it was a near full moon. Is I left the urban areas I could see the moon light on the road and surrounding fields. But also heard the singing of spring frogs. Every low area resounded with their cheery calls. This makes me reflect on one of cyclings best aspects. When you travel encased in a steel enclosure, you are sealed off from so many experiences that benefit the soul. When I drive to work, I am shut away from my fellow travellers, I experience them superficially, if at all. Yesterday, on my ride I passed another cyclist and we exchanged comments appreciative of what promised to be a dry day. We just came off an eleven day rain streak. Another thing to be thankful for as cyclists, where many of us live we actually can easily enjoy our activity for over 200 days a year, with plenty of rest time included. Skiers and surfers, two sports that require similar balance, coordination and strength, can only dream of such. Not to mention the geographical limitations. Even if you lived on a ski mountain you could not approach that number of days if you skied every day available. So, cheer up, lets get out there, have fun, and spread the love!

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