Friday, February 19, 2010

ride leader

A week ago Monday,Presidents Day, I lead my first real ride in Sonoma County. I have lead many rides back in Catawba County NC, but this was a benchmark of sorts, maybe a way of belonging even. I say real ride because I posted a ride the week before and one guy showed up. That is fine and all, but having a group is a different matter. Different synergy or possibilities in group dynamics. As I approached the start I realized I was kind of anxious, how well do I know the route, can I exert the right amount of control to make it enjoyable, do I need to? Fifteen folks showed up and we got under way. The group really split up in the first four miles but then formed two groups and finally merging mostly into one at the sixteen mile point. Groups here are not quick to get in pacelines, the rough roads are a discouragement to most. Pacelines do keep a group more together. The sun came out and we finished the day with a good climb, a mini Bakers Mtn. 45 miles. I will continue these Monday rides as that is a day off for me at the shop. All the club rides I've done, have a coffee break midway. Very different. But this is a social club, and they all seem to look forward to it. They are also mileage fiends, lots of members have done century length rides already this year. My sole rider mentioned earlier, has done three in Jan. and three in Feb. and no he isn't retired! The clubs first big event of the year is the WineCountryCentury, May 1. It's sold out -2500 riders in four days with zero promotion. I hope to volunteer in support duties, but a Saturday in May, in bike retail, it's tough to get away.

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  1. After the winter we have been through(and it's not over yet)in the Southeast, it's hard to imagine weather where you could ride multiple centuries in January. I'm very envious.