Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happiness revisited

While finishing up a nce ride with my wife, Susan, on Saturday, we were assulted by a very unhappy person. Said person hurled a open commercial waterbottle at us. It sprayed me on its way to Susan, hitting both her leg and bike in an undetermined order. After coming to a stop to gather our wits and assess the situation, all seemed well. I had scanned the passing vehicles but couldn't even be sure which vehicle contained the unhappy being. Maybe they weren't even fron Sonoma County? But on top of being cowardly, they sure mustn't have been having a happy day. Anyway, just goes to show, folks are folks, even in the midst of happyland My Monday ride had four people join me for a hilly 45 miler. We got rained on about midway, spotty cold spring showers on and off the rest of the ride. They pretty much ripped my legs off. Fastest ride in months. Happy tho'! I hope y'all in NC are enjoying the sudden spring temps break out those bikes HH

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