Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Mad Baumer in SF

So ya'll gave the National League Champion San Francisco Giants a pitcher, Madison Bumgarner. "The Mad Baumer" is a knickname I've heard. I assume he gets lots of press back in the Hickory area. He is a graduate of South Caldwell High. He's only 21, but he sure kept his cool like a seasoned pro pitching against the Phillies. I have a Giants field cap already! Three games to go! Madison pitches on Halloween - game four. Things have been kind of steady out here. We did get our rainy season start in a serious way. Four inches of rain this past weekend just in time for my first cyclocross race. It went OK I haven't raced in mud in I don't know how long. I've had some strange experiences lately, A cowboy and horse were riding down a sidewalk in Santa Rosa. I said "Howdy" and he tipped his hat in a cowboy fashion as I pedaled by on my way to work. The paper had a story about the guy, turns out he lost his family to a auto crash several years ago in Florida, his grief took him to sell everything a set out on his horse. He stops and works for a spell and eventually moves on. I guess he is here for a while. A first earlier this week, I approached another bike commuter stopped at a light just as the light turned green. As I rolled past she accelerated up and asked if she could draft. Now, I know that may not sound odd, but we were both on mtn/commute bikes with panniers. Just picture it Here are some shots from the mountain bike trails in Annadel State Park, right in my neighborhood and from this past weekends CX race

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