Monday, December 27, 2010

New year

A lot has been going on since my last post. I ended the local four race cyclocross series here in Santa Rosa on a positive note. it was a tough year, all mud and rain, and I wasn't really enjoying my favorite sport. I finally came to realize how much the old routines and familiar faces made for my enjoyment. The last race I finally got my head screwed on right. No stellar racing, but just let it be what it is. I am getting to know some folks and the local races. Less than photogenic podium shot was for third place, series. Persistance counts. I was there for ALL the races

not me but typical conditions

Got out for a couple rides over the holiday period, it's been raining a lot this season, way ahead of last years totals by double, so riding has been curtailed somewhat.

Levi sighting.

While heading out to join a group on the day before New Years Eve, I came upon another group meeting up, containing you know who. I didn't invite him to join me. I had a very nice Chismas/New Years time spent with some friends, colleagues and family. That was really the highlight plus just having the house decorated. We have a week of sun and mid50's forecasted so I should get some more rides in. For 2011 I have plans to add some more of the local favorite rides to my done list and the Gran Fondo, which I skipped last year.

my favorite tree, it glows a fantastic green when the sun is out. I'll get another pic soon a couple recent shots in the park mentioned in many previous posts Sounds like y'all ( in NC anyway) are getting snow yet again, sorry, but spring is coming, we're already getting more daylight. 'til another time..... HH in Sonoma County

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