Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Yikes, after a cold, dark, wet December, the last two weeks have been amazing, mild to warm and SUNNY!! Mustard is blooming in the vineyards, frogs are doing their thing, Loudly. The shop is enjoying a respite from quiet January days?! Registration opened for Levi's Gran Fondo. It has a cap at 7500 riders this year, see my post from Oct. 09 for a comparison. It is a century that covers some amazing Sonoma County territory, remote and hilly, often steep but with breathtaking views. We'll have to see how it compares to B2B and other NC events of my past. I have ridden all of the course but not all together. A significant portion of the profits go to Santa Rosa's Tour of CA financial obligations, with several other non-profits also benefiting. I better get some riding done, even indoors I hope you can too, HH

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