Wednesday, June 8, 2011

what's up with the weather?

if you are following me from outside Norcal or even LA you likely have warmer weather than us. May was largely cool and wet. But I am not missing the humidity of the Old North State, you folks are warmer than normal, we are 15 degrees cooler than normal. Even Northern Vermont has been warmer. Yesterday the wet spell is finally broken, I sure hope so.
May was Ride to Work month in the San Fran North Bay. There was a team challenge contest. 5 members max, you log all type commute or non exercise specific miles on their website. The team of four, which I am captain of, logged 542 miles and this is in a wet month. way to go team. we finished in the top 20% It was fun and definitely got me out there hittin' the streets more, which was the point, I'm sure. We saved somewhere approaching 20 gallons of gas not to mention the crud in the atmosphere.
now y'all get out there and ride, ya hear?

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