Friday, July 15, 2011


Was out in Napa on a little winery diversion on Thusday after watching a spectacular Tour stage. Later that afternoon we stopped at Velo Vino, a tasting room opened by Clif Family Winery, yes the Clif Bar people. It is a very cool stop especially for cycling enthusiasts. Along with nice wines, thet have a interesting collection of memorabilia. I was wandering around with a glass of wine a came opon a race bike of modern date, a carbon Orbea, I wondered what it's significance was as I approached, then on inspection saw S.Sanchez on the top tube, this was none other than the '08 Olympic RR Gold Medal winners bike, the same Sammy Sanchez who won that very day's tour stage, also coincidentally on the TV playing discreetly in the tasting room. How cool is that!!
Stop by if you are ever in St. Helena, Napa County CA

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