Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer finally

After a topsy-turvy June, we are settled into normal weather, warm to hot/dry days, cool nights. Riding is good, getting some rides done that I haven't done in a while.Yesterday I returned to Los Alamos Rd. see my sept 09 post for a reference. It really is amazing. 1600'+ climbing in just over six miles from my place. I still had to stop once, on the 19% pitch, there is a driveway that allows a brief flat spot. Climbing certainly takes power and skill but also mental fortitude. You have to want to keep going, once you let your brain give in, you're done. From that stop I was ok, and a good bit faster than previous. The decent is still scary, it has a wavy and patched surface, it is so steep in places that the back wheel wanted to come up, even though I had my butt pushed way back.
And I hope you are enjoying the tour, probably the most compelling competition in over a decade, it is still a rather open game with lots of drama to come into the last week, enjoy!

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