Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Glowing embers

I have put together a potential race calendar for the o9/10 'cross season, and started some specific training. Now the embers are starting to glow, soon to be a fire. First race may be Sept 12 at Folsom Lake near Sacramento, if I can arrange a work day swap at work. Last years Sacramento series had ten 55+, B men. YAHOO! It will be very strange (even sad) to show up for my first race here and not knowing everyone. It was a great ten years in the NCCX series. I see the schedule is posted for the NC series, I hope my friends back East are starting to get ready. Any new hot tires being tried out? New bikes anyone? At this point I am flying the Luna/Fiets Maan colors, can't wait to get them in the CA dirt. We won't likely see rain/mud 'til Nov. Susan ansd I are registered for Levi's ride in October. The metric version will be plenty, what with 'cross season overlap. There are over 3500 people already registered between the 30-60-100 miler. I have never been in a mass ride that big before. The ride is being held to raise money to help the city host a stage of the 2010 Tour of CA. Temps out here still wander around some, but I still need arm warmers most mornings. Bikes everywhere. Like I've said before. Most times riding 2 mi. to work I see between 5-10 people riding, and most aren't in cycling garb. All for now, thanks for following keep wheels rolling

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