Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Now it's Summer

I am noticing a trend. If I look outside early and see sunlight in the tree tops, its going to be a no jacket ride or a training ride sans armwarmers. Nice. But also will be warmer at noon. The last two days were low nineties, but don't worry about me. The humidity was 42%. I got a nice training ride in this morning, and confirmed my early suspision. Namely, ones arms do get worn out if you greet every cyclist and runner you meet. I guess I will be the goofy non-native imitating a bird. A nice start to the day, Santa Rosa is valley surrounded by low mountain ridges. This Jack Londons Valley of the Moon. On the Eastern edge of town. His ranch museum is nearby A typical Sonoma County backroad Spanish Moss! No this is not the Carolina coast. I obviously haven't figured out how to do the blog layout fuction. Bear with me. Thanks for reading, and happy riding. HH

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