Sunday, August 16, 2009

New Tires

Many of of you know my fascination with cyclocross. Today marks the beginning of the cyclocross year for me. New tires on the pit/training wheels. I have had pavement tires on my 'cross bike until this evening. Today I picked up a pair of Michelin Mud2 tires at the shop and installed them after work. With growing excitement I took them out for a spin in the park. There is a park network with dozens of miles of trails , right across the street from us. It felt so good, that rush of reading the trail surface. picking up speed and finding that rythem, getting that off road mojo back, even just a little!! My first race is probably two months off, but it is time to get ready. On the pavement world, this past week marked my first back to back 60 mile rides in a long time. The second was another Friday club ride that just turned a little more ambitious than I planned. Hey Dan, it was supposed to be 45 miles! I was happy to do it as I learned some more good roads. Dang, there are some hills out here. I am trying to make my old hommies proud of me tho'. I hope things are well with you all, keep up the two wheel life. HH


  1. Cross is about to rear it's head...paintrain is coming...hope you have a blast racing cross out there, it should be really fun. We will miss you dearly at both the races and the pratice!!!! Remember to look up a guy named Gabe Keck.

    See ya,


  2. Jeff, just drafted a calendar of potential 'cross races, there are about 14 races between Sept and early Feb. not every weekend but many. Working Sat and Sun may provide a challenge, not sure how flexible the schedule can be. I think I just got an email for Gabe and his girlfriend.